Our Story

Bolingbrook Church is passionate about helping those far from God to become fully committed Christ-centered disciples. This is more than just lip-service. We center every- thing we do around helping people understand exactly who Jesus was, what he was talking about nearly two thousand years ago, and what that means for their lives today. Our hope is that as they begin to understand his words, they begin to live it out in the everyday. We want them to be inspired to connect to other people who are trying to do the same, to grow in their passion for Jesus and the people He’s called them to serve, and then to invite those around them on that same journey.


Bolingbrook Church is founded on the belief that the church exists to continue the work of Jesus Christ in our world. While Jesus was on earth, He preached the good news to the poor, freed the oppressed, confronted the evils in our world, and removed any obstacle that would keep people from living fully as God intended. Jesus demonstrated a passionate love for outsiders; He gave them unlimited access to God’s transforming love. In the same manner, we believe that the church ought to be a living, loving, growing community that brings healing to our world. This conviction drives our purpose. Simply put: WE EXIST TO DEVELOP CHRIST-LIKE DISCIPLES OF ALL AGES & PEOPLES


Creating Spaces for the people God misses the most.When you are finally at the point where you are trying to understand God and what He has planned for your life — it should be easy, not hard. At Bolingbrook Church we are hyper-focused on the people God misses the most, those who are far from God yet wanting to come near. For their sake, we have done our best to keep church simple. We seek to serve those who are looking to begin exploring who God is and what Jesus has done for them. Our goal is that as they draw towards Christ, they catch the vision and begin inviting others to embark on the same journey they are partaking in. In order to facilitate this process, we’ve had to be incredibly intentional. This means rather than provide people a plethora of programs to choose from, we have three disciple-making spaces that serve as intentional Jesus-Centered communities that facilitate genuine relationships and foster authentic spiritual growth. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach, rather we are seeking to engage each person on their journey right where they are to move them along in a fluid disciple-making process.


Invite - Our Invite spaces are corporate worship gatherings geared at helping people encounter a loving God who has been yearning for relationship with them.Connect - Our Connect spaces are intimate Jesus Communities that facilitate genuine relationships.Grow - Our Grow Spaces are more intimate, even smaller groups who are committed to fostering in one another authentic spiritual growth.When we talk of these disciple-making spaces, we are stating that as a result of participating in our spaces, people will come to entrust their lives to Jesus and his teachings, connect through intentional Jesus communities, serve the neighborhood/world around them, give their time and resources to the church, and continually invite others into relationship with Jesus Christ.As a result, people will become freer beings, liberated to live life in abundance as God intended humanity to live it. Enabled by the Holy Spirit, we wholeheartedly believe that those who venture in the path of discipleship will become more loving, more joyful, more peaceable, more kind, having more patience, having more goodness, being more gentle, and becoming more self-controlled. Thereby, fulfilling, the mission of the church to develop Christ-like disciples of all ages and peoples.


Every community has some inherent values that serve as core behavioral traits for those who choose to join in. At Bolingbrook Church, we have identified five core values that we call all those who commit to our community to embrace and eventually live by.


We include prayer in everything we do, knowing that it is our most powerful vehicle through which we can directly connect to God. Through prayer, we give God unlimited access to our lives in order to accomplish His sovereign will through us.

Gracious Flexibility

We are willing to change or modify established human traditions and embrace biblical truths and practices in order to fully demonstrate God’s eternal love.

Church of One

We embrace, celebrate, and invite a multiplicity of cultures, ethnicities, generations, and various social economic classes to come together as one family, unified to fulfill a grander God-given vision to create spaces for those who find themselves far from God.


We foster authenticity by modeling vulnerability in leadership, creating a culture of acceptance, cultivating genuine compassion and empathy to those around us, in order to display the depths of God’s love.

Intentional Excellence

We are committed to using our strengths, talents, and thoughtful planning to create a culture that reflects the wonder of GodButtonpublished

Our Beliefs

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