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Every Saturday someone walks through our doors who is looking for direction, and after experiencing our invite space they might be asking themselves, “What’s next?” They need to know where the bathroom is? what’s happening for children? or what’s my next step in the journey towards my relationship in Jesus Christ.

Our What’s Next team is comprised of two different teams, one directs and gives out information happening that day, and the other connects the person to the next step in their journey whether that’s baptism or marriage care. Guests want to feel connected beyond the worship experience. Our What’s Next team plays a vital role in fulfilling that purpose; they are the bridge that connects our guests to all our available resources and next steps.

We'd love to tell you more about how you can become part of the team that keeps people connected to our Church . Every Saturday a new story is created about someone who took their first next step in their journey in becoming the person they always knew they could be.

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Ask Me Anything Guide

The Ask Me Anything team serve in the lobby at specific stations with clear signage that indicate they are the ones that can answer any question a guest may have about what’s going on that day. They are the people that provide guest the feeling “we are here for you.” They direct guests to restrooms, kid's experiences, Student Connect events, worship experiences, and any other event happening in-between services. They also give out any brochures, posters, or prints that guests will be need for the day.

Next Steps Team

The Next Steps Team serve as our resource team. If a guest has a question concerning next steps, getting involved, or any question concerning the church as a whole, the Next Steps Team has the answers. They know everything there is to know about our church and the processes involved in getting connected, therefore they require the highest level of commitment to our values, our mission, and our vision.

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